“We’re so alike because we’re both Geminis, except that we’re really different”. So say the ladies from Finance.

Oh the stupid.


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6 responses to “Stupid

  1. I think all “ladies in Finance” are like this.

  2. From Finance huh? that explains the mess were in now then – partially.

    Oh the educated, greedy and short sighted!

    maybe they should have read their stars Back in Aug 07??..

    “…Pisces – you’re going to lose squillions in the biggest Crash in your lifetime starting this week…’

    ‘Aquarius – your going to lose squillions in the biggest….’



  3. Soupy, a scary thought. How do we ever get paid?

    Love, you’re making that up. Crash isn’t a noun.

  4. Try telling Finance that! 🙂

    What’s a car crash then?


  5. “What’s a car crash then?” A collision between motor vehicles or a motor vehicle and a stationary object.

  6. Please don’t make me repeat the pun, pirate! 😉


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