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Poppy day

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I have a head full of crap and it occasionally spills out when I talk.  a head full of crap (not literally, don’t be vile) means that I tend to accumulate useless information that I can regurgitate at will.

Poppy Day is today and I thought I’d share some useless information about it.  You probably won’t find it interesting but there’s always the chance that you might.

The cornfield poppy grows wild in Belgium and northern France.  It is a prolific plant.  Poppies were carried back by servicemen in great numbers after the Great War and grown at home.  Ex-servicemen sold these flowers to supplement their incomes.  It was particularly common for the war wounded, the disabled and injured to do this if they could not work.  It must also have been helpful for those with mental scars as well as physical ones.

For years the poppy grew to become synonymous with the old soldier until, in 1921, the Royal British Legion was formed.  They began to use artificial poppies for fund raising and the home grown supplement for the old soldiers was replaced by organised charity.

White poppies are for the peace movement who object to war and black poppies are to support people recovering from drug abuse.

Not all poppies can be used to produce opium which is quite important if you were to want to start up a home grown drug trade.  Really, it’s not worth the hassle.


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