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Swotty swot swot

Officially my OU course doesn’t start until tomorrow. Would it be really swotty to say that I’ve completed TMA 01 already?

I need to get ahead, you see. My brother, Adam, is visiting this weekend with his girlfriend, Tracy, and their baby, Jessica.  We’re paying a visit to my mother’s grave.  What fun!  The following weekend is filled with kids parties. The weekend after that we’re celebrating Cait’s birthday with a movie night, courtesy of the projector from work, and a day of bowling and eating till we burst.

TMA01 is due on the 15th February.

I’m still a geeky swot aren’t I?

Grandpa in The Princess Bride

When I was your age, television was called books


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I’ve been allocated a tutor for MT262.

*does a froggy dance of joy*

Sadly Dr P lives 100 miles away in Oxford and my tutorials (both of them) are 50 miles away in Reading.  And there’s me with no car and a pathological hatred of Reading.  It all stems from two and a half years of living there as a kid.


I suppose I should just get used to working alone and talking to the tutor online.

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