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Friday Funny

Something funny to round off the week.


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On my way to work this morning I was perusing the headlines of the papers.  One headline caught my attention.  This was the story of a mother of twins who apparently died after refusing a blood transfusion on the grounds of her religious beliefs.  Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse blood transfusions because they believe that God has forbidden it in the Bible. They believe that accepting a blood transfusion is a sin.  Whether the story is true or not is another issue.

Now, many of you know that I’m an atheist who has some particularly strong views against religion.  It is just this sort of thing that really gets me angry about religion.

My many recent debates on Bill’s site have tempered my usual rant somewhat.  I think that you’ll agree that tempering my usual rants about religion is something of a good thing. 😉

However I’m still disgusted that anyone would prefer to die and leave their children without a mother than break a rule of their church.  Note please that this is a church rule.  It is an interpretation of a particular passage in a holy book.  It is just as valid as any other interpretation of any other passage in any other holy book.  People of faith may consider the death of this woman as abhorrent as I do and some may consider it laudable. 

I think that self sacrifice in the cause of something that you believe in is possibly the noblest reason to die.  If any reason for dying can be said to be noble.  I also think that living for something that you believe in is by far the better option even if you have to compromise occasionally.  I’d rather be alive and compromised than dead and right.  You don’t get to apologise once your dead.


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OK, I’m vegetarian, not vegan but this is funny.


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