National Blood Week

It’s National Blood Week. I’m not due to donate for another month but if you’ve been thinking about donating your time for a good cause then giving blood is a good cause.


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4 responses to “National Blood Week

  1. Here in New Zealand, anyone who has lived in the UK during the Mad Cow years cannot give blood, in case they have CJD and end up passing it to the population at large. Sensible move, but does make it hard to perform one of my civic duties. The alternative to voluntary blood donations is this: Everything is cheaper and more dangerous when it’s made in China.

  2. I would give, but I always seem to be running low.

    By the way, nice to meet another frog on the web!

  3. I’ve recently submitted a saliva sample to see if I can be a bone marrow etc… donor via the Anthony Nolan trust.

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