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Catholic Appeals

The Catholic adoption agency, Catholic Care, who lost their appeal to discriminate again gay people three times is having another attempt. They seem to be in a bit of a rut and claim that they either discriminate or close. Silly Catholic Care, there is a third option: stop discriminating and remain open. Easy.

The case has already been rejected by the High Court last year and the Charity Commission.

Now the Charity Tribunal has dismissed the charity’s appeal.

The tribunal said it would be “a loss to society” if the charity stopped its adoption service but said it was “by no means certain” this would happen

I disagree, of course, an adoption agency that actively discriminates and perpetuates a superstitious myth choosing to close isn’t a loss to society. It is good for society. Oh but think of all the children that they help, I hear you cry. Well they manage to place a grand total of five children every year and it would certainly be a pity if any child had to suffer as a result of the Catholic Church and their actions. We all know how much the Catholic Church loves little children.

Let a secular charity pick up their funding. They at least won’t treat gay people who want to adopt like lepers.

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