Super *yawn* injunctions

So the news of the day seems to be all about super injunctions. A process where the press aren’t allowed to publish the truth in order that the sensibilities of the wealthy are protected. They are still allowed to publish lies though as long as they make it clear that they are only reporting rumour.

My hope for the media and, really for the human race, is that news of who has slept with whom and which celebrity has had an affair with which celebrity will simply not be interesting enough to report. I don’t care who celebrities sleep with as long as they aren’t breaking the law. I don’t care if they are at one another like randy dogs in the street. Actually I don’t care about celebrities at all but that is besides the point.

What I object to is the suggestion that Jeremy Clarkson is having sex. It isn’t a thought that I want to have in my head. In particular I don’t want to imagine his sex face.


Sorry about that.


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4 responses to “Super *yawn* injunctions

  1. Lee

    Well, I’ve been busy re-posting links identifying the characters involved.

    So, what do we know? Well, without naming names, and to be honest I’ve not heard of several of the so-called ‘celebrities’ this is what I’ve discovered.

    A famous golfer likes to wear gimp masks and pays prostitutes to humiliate him.

    A TV interviewer had an affair with a journalist. She became pregnant and he ended up paying child support for several years before finding out that he wasn’t the father. The father is actually a senior Labour politician who had a big fall-out with another MP several years ago…because he was sharing the same lover as the other two.

    An actor pays prostitutes so that he can whip them.

    Another actor paid a prostitute to ram a dildo up his arse.

    You couldn’t make it up.

    • All these things seem entirely consensual and legal. Who cares if someone has a kink in their sexual adventures? Who cares if someone has an affair except the parties involved? It isn’t as if infidelity will make them worse at their jobs, is it? It has no bearing on what they do and distracts from genuine concerns that the nation should be taking notice of.

      • Lee

        Yes, all these things are entirely legal and consensual. The problem that I have is that it compromises the interview/journalist and makes it very difficult for him to do his job…and the sportsmen and actors make a lot of money in sponsorship and promotional deals based on their public images – which of course are a complete sham.

        There are also two super-injunctions that have been taken out by senior politicians…what are they hiding from the ;public?

  2. The point I think we can agree on is that these injunctions shouldn’t be available so that the wealthy and privileged can keep their lives private. Rather I would hope that the press would be willing to allow them their privacy except where the story is in the public interest. How is it in the public interest that an actor likes something shuffed up his bum or likes to be whipped? How is it in the public interest that an adult had sex with another adult? One might almost be shocked at the suggestion that men and women actually enjoy sex but for me I’m going to assume that this is the case unless someone tells me different (and I really don’t want them to).

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