Katie Price Upsets Church

Attention seeker, Katie Price, has upset the Archdeacon of Oxford by performing the wrong kind of superstitious ritual in an old building. Price was filming with ITV show Ghosthunting With…. in “a church in Great Tew in Oxfordshire and tried to use a Ouija board to contact spirits”.

Rather than being mocked for wasting her time church officials are upset claiming that talking to the air over a board with letters, numbers and words on was “a rather blasphemous and sacrilegious thing to do”. Presumably Price was attempting to conjure the spirits on career longevity or something.

Not only do I find the idea of speaking to spirits utterly ridiculous (if it wasn’t already apparent) but I find the idea of getting upset about it equally ridiculous. This is especially the case given that the organisation getting upset is another ridiculous, superstitious waste of time. I mean, every week people congregate in the building to try to talk to a spirit. So really who is being the most ridiculous?



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3 responses to “Katie Price Upsets Church

  1. What and all round ridiculous story. I’m just shaking my head!

  2. I love Great Tew, it’s a lovely building in a fantastic little village. The local are convinced the church is haunted and there are regular ‘Ghosthunting Parties’ down there. (Great Tew is the next parish)

  3. I think the church should thank her that consulting an ouija board was all that attention seeker did in there! She could have proposed a night out with her to the spirits too! Really funny story though.

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