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Wellbeing. Do you know what would make me happy?


David Cameron insisted today that the actions a government takes could make people “feel better as well as worse” as he announced plans to introduce a wellbeing index from next year.

Cameron said that it was “high time” to recognise that GDP was an “incomplete way” of measuring the country’s progress as he used a speech to confirm that the government was asking the Office for National Statistics to devise ways of measuring wellbeing in addition to tracking economic growth.

A wellbeing index. Seriously? Do you know what would make me happy? Spending our money on getting this country out of the £4.8 trillion debt that we’re in. Cut 5 million public sector jobs and half the size of the the state expenditure. Create some jobs with that money. Some actual jobs, not civil service jobs paid for by our money but private sector jobs that create wealth and create goods that can be exported so that we bring wealth into this country.

Cameron rejected claims that the initiative was a “bit woolly and impractical” as he insisted that finding out what could help people live “the good life” and acting on it was the “serious business of government”.

The serious business of government is to govern. According to one dictionary (a wonderful book that everyone should get) a government “is the organization, or agency through which a political unit exercises its authority, controls and administers public policy, and directs and controls the actions of its members or subjects”. They work for us. They spend our money. Every politician, every political decision, every penny spent on frivolous, obfuscating schemes is money that comes from our taxes. Our money is being spent so they can see how happy we are.

Let me tell you Mr Cameron. Give me the money instead of spending in on a wellbeing index and I’ll tell you how happy I feel. Remember, it isn’t your money. If it were your money then you could spend it how you like but it isn’t your money. It’s our money.


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