Spiders vs Cats

I’d rather have spiders than cats. Cats are filthy, disloyal, lazy, cruel creatures. Spiders perform a valuable service in reducing the number of disease spreading flies. If they haven’t got any flies then they keep their own numbers in check by eating one another. You won’t catch a cat doing that, no. They’d rather whinge for a tin of cat food than do anything to earn it. They’re like furry chavs.

Furry Chav
Spiderman will make you gay.


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3 responses to “Spiders vs Cats

  1. I’m with you. And besides, spiders don’t congregate at the foot of my garden every night and yowl as if they’re being crucified. And they don’t use my garden like a public convenience.

  2. Min

    On the other hand, spiders will kill you with poison if you mess with their territory.

    Cats are really cute when they’re playing.

    So I’m tempted to call it wash.

  3. Huzzar! Couldn’t agree more about cats. You made me laugh when you called them ‘Furry Chavs’

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