Excel Spreadsheets

A bit of an odd question but what sort of Excel templates would people and small business like to have in your opinion?

I must admit to making mine on the fly but I know a lot of people like to use templates for things like invoices, stock tracking, time sheets, etc.  I’m thinking of making a bunch so that I can improve my Excel skills in the new version of MS Office that is due for release this year (The first half of this year apparently).  Even if it is just some VB code that creates pivot table or some formula that calculates holiday entitlement for someone who works unusual hours I’d be interested.


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4 responses to “Excel Spreadsheets

  1. Right this minute, I’m working on a timesheet to capture unusual hours. I’m doing work in variable lengths of time during the day… might work 9 to 3 and then need to go to a customer site to do out-of-hours work. I’m trying to track time in 15 minute blocks against multiple projects. Probably too easy to solve, but you did ask for ideas.

  2. Useful for a solicitor who wants to bill in 15 minute intervals to multiple clients too. To be honest I’d use a calendaring application for this like Lotus Notes but a lot of people buy office for simple word processing and spreadsheets. I know that people in our office use Excel to track their own work time.


  3. Got nothing for you, soz. I just get in to VB if I need deep functionality.

  4. You have already mentioned invoices, stock tracking, time sheets, Those are really good ideas. I would add expense tracking sheets, daily schedules/calendars and contacts lists. A wide range of businesses could use any of the ideas above.

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