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How much is marriage worth?

An incoming Conservative Government will give £150 tax break to married couples, which equates to just under £2.88 per week.

In England and Wales, it costs £30 per person to give notice of intent to marry or register a civil partnership. A register office ceremony costs £40. A marriage certificate costs £3.50.  At best this means that a marriage costs a minimum of £103.50 so that means that the return on investment is 36 weeks however there are extra costs to marriage.

If you’re having a ceremony in approved premises other than a register office, you’ll be charged for the presence of the Registrar and for the building. Contact the register office and owners of the premises for exact costs.  One source says that the average cost for a wedding is £11,000 which I could well believe.  That is a ROI of 73.5 years.  Longer than most marriages last.  That’s 11.5 years by the way according to 2007 figures.

I must therefore conclude that marriage is not a financially viable option in the face of Tory bribery.  It would have to rise to £18.39 per week to be a realistic bribe and that only just covers the cost of investment.  To be worthwhile it should be in the region of £60 per week.  That’s more than 20 times the proposed bribe.

Nick Clegg had the following to say “being married to Miriam is the best decision I have ever made. I didn’t marry her for £3 a week.”

For those who don’t know Nick Clegg is the other one, the one who isn’t Gordon “one-eyed Scottish idiot” Brown or David “hug a hoodie” Cameron.  Nobody knows what he really looks like.  I mean they see pictures of him but forget them almost immediately.


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