Before I jump in the shower and set off for work I thought I’d see if the old blog was still alive.  With a whopping 50 visitors a day (mostly bots no doubt) it seems so.

Assuming I’m going to resurrect the old blog, what should I write about?  I fancy having a theme and “moving in a direction” rather than ambling along with the usual inanity that I am so good at. 😉

Answers on a postcard please…or, you know, in the comments box below.


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9 responses to “Resurrection

  1. You could write a “foodies” guide to the food available on your trip to work everyday, with photos and scores and everything.

  2. It’s aliiiiiive! Bonjour, m’sieur Grenouille. You could always move to a different country and write about all the strange cultural differences you encounter. (Well, it worked for me …)

  3. pinkjellybaby


    Nothing about God….but anything else

  4. Young Master Hurtmore, the places for food on my gentle amble to work are extremely limited. I cannot include such common restaurants at Rotten Ronnies and their McFoods for example as I do not classify this as “food” nor the supermarkets that sell processed cheese products in synthetic pastry. There is only so much that can be said for a cinnamon bun or a croissant with coffee before the experience becomes dull and unworthy.

    Madame Floaty, flipping blink missus what are you doing away from Laaaaaadon taaawn? don’t you know that you’ll shirvel up like a prune if you stay away from the preservative quality of the air there? Besides which if I moved away from le chateux de grenouille I wouldn’t be able to bitch like a bitch about the bitching mortgage companies. The bitches.

    Pinky, and what do you have against religion exactly? Hmmm!

    Is philosophy allowed?

    SGT, I don’t do funny. I don’t know why but since Michael Foot kicked it I’ve been unable to bring myself to crack even the humblest pun.

  5. I like your topical posts, when you pick something in the news and rip it up x

  6. Soupy, wouldn’t I get bits of newspaper all over the place?

    OK, I get your point and I must say that I do enjoy writing those as well. Hmm, something to ponder.

  7. well quite and the janners are even more miserable than before

  8. When you come up with a resurrecting idea, please do let me know!

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