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Arrrrrr You Ready for International Talk Like a Pirate Day?


Well blow me down if’n International Talk Like a Pirate Day hasn’t come round again right quick. Are ye planning anything special fer the day or are ye stickin’ the the usual fare. Sea biscuits wi’ maggots and a round o’ grog? Meself, I plan on securing a bounty the envy o’ all ye salty sea dogs. First I’ll raid the local town te secure supplies fer me voyage. Then me and the crew are heading out fer a feast. Simple fare it might be but it be respectable plunder.

Me wench be slaving o’er a stall today, selling her wares at ye craft market. She should take up the cutlass like Anne Bonnie but she don’t listen to me. I were pressed into service this very mornin’ luggin sacks a booty fer her te flog. A pirate’s work is ne’er done. ‘Ave a goodun.

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