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Jesus Marmite


Holy MarmiteIt’s true, you either love it or you hate it.

It seems that the face of Jesus has moved from normally appearing on toast to appearing on Marmite lids.  Jesus has also been known to make an appearance on steamed up bathroom mirrors, moldy walls and camera flash reflections in glass.

Good news for the faithful and good news for Marmite who can expect a modest sales boost at no advertising cost to themselves.  Also good news for atheists like me who find such things ridiculous in every sense of the word.  It made me laugh but not in a charitable or self depreciating way.

Just for the sake of arguing, the “face” of Jesus isn’t actually Jesus and in no way provides any evidence of divine intervention.  No miracle has occurred.  What we have here is a person seeing a pattern in Marmite and associating it with a popular image.  Humans are very good at recognising patterns.  I’m almost sure that this can go unsaid but for news stories like this that indicate that some people just don’t get it.

Besides which I’m pretty sure that Marmite isn’t even in the bible.

Personally I think it looks like Ozzy Osbourne.


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