Sharon has given birth to three little guinea pigs that look a lot like their dad, Ozzy.  I’ll try to get some pictures later or maybe even one of those newfangled moving picture things.

What names should Ozzy and Sharon’s babies have?  We’re thinking that the obvious Amy, Jack and Kelly are appropriate if there are two girls and a boy.


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12 responses to “Piggy

  1. I take it that Sharon is a guinea pig also?

  2. you have a guinea pig named sharon!! thats so awesome.

  3. If Sharon isn’t a Guinea Pig can I have 10% of Max Clifford’s budget?

  4. Soupy, Sharon is indeed a guinea pig, tell me you weren’t expecting a different answer. 😉

    SGT, I know!!!!

    Brennig, only if I can have the other 90%

  5. Amy, Jack and Kelly?

    ‘s been Dun!

    For some originality (and the look of shock on visitor’s faces) how about Sh#t F&ck and Bum? no need to worry about the sexes then? 😉

    LOVE the new avatar, Cap’n – Oh Arrrrggghhhhh! 🙂

    and thanks for the much needed laugh at my place too!

    <B (Ka-CHOO!) – sorry.

  6. If you know what order they emerged: Primus, Secundus & Tertius.

  7. Boy names:

    Patch, Remington, Clyde, Atticus?

    Girl names: Katya, Shasha, Sierra, Stormy?

    LOL Dunno

  8. 2 boys and girl: Harry, Ron, Hermione? (Harry Potter)
    3 boys: Porthos, Athos and Aramis (or D’Artagnan) (Three Muskateers)
    3 girls: Siobhan, Keren, Sara (Bananarama)

  9. It seems that they are three girls although determining the gender of a baby guinea pig is undignified and fiddly.

  10. Call them goat, horse and camel.

  11. Quips

    Cher, Enya and Annie.

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