Laaaaaadon bound

I’m off to the London Hilton on Park Lane tomorrow.  That’s posh init?  Norf a the river and near the most expensive hotels on the Monopoly board.



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7 responses to “Laaaaaadon bound

  1. Ohhhh it’s lovely there…and the food is yummy!

  2. I’ll be London bound tomorrow, too. I’ll be the one on the SouthWest Trains arriving at Waterloo at 8:30ish and looking annoyed at the cramped conditions and overpriced tickets. And reading a dirty book that I didn’t know was a rude when I picked it up, but I don’t want to stop reading now.

  3. Bring us back a small slice of posh cake, guv’nor?

    I’ve run out of bread. 😯


  4. Luhverleey. Will you have tea and cucumber sandwiches without the crust on?

  5. Pinky, the food was indeed yummy and I also enjoyed the red wine after the event.

    Shackleford, I arrived at about that time. I should have been more observant of other people’s reading habits and I may have spotted you.

    Love, the price of bread these days, tsk! You’d be better off with cake.

    Soupy, you know there weren’t any sandwiches at all. Lots of olives though. Yum, I love olives.

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