You may know that it is St Patrick’s Day today.  This is a celebration for the Irish and those of Irish descent and not for the typical English lout.  Unless you are Irish yourself please refrain from getting pissed out of your skull on Guinness and redecorating the pavement with regurgitated kebab.

If you don’t know why the Irish dedicate a day to St. Patrick you have no reason to join in either, you’re just following the crowd.  Shame on you.


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6 responses to “Oirish

  1. Nono, shame on YOU Mr Frog for not joining in!

  2. I got back from a long weekend in Naas, Co Kildare last night. Plenty of pickled Irish to be found over there!

  3. I walked down the road from the tube station about 8.30 tonight and there was some lout lying in the middle of a side road vomiting all over the pavement with his mate standing over him.

    Neither were Irish.

  4. M’sieur Grenouille,

    Surely as a True Englishman(?) you must know there is a little of the Oirish in all of us ter be sure, ter be sure.. particalilily on St Paddy’s Day, do yer not den?

    Acchordingly it is only right and proper dat on dis day we all stand side by side wit our Oirish brederen as we lie in da gutter p’ed as a newt! 🙂

    Ahh c’monnn who needs an excuse to drink some Stout?

    (and it’s because – as legend would have it – he ridded da Emerald Isle of dem rotten serpents so it is! Am i right or am i right?) 😉

    OK enough of that claptrap – back to being an (sigh) Aussie!

    Fancy a Beeyah, Sport? 😉


  5. Oh – dat and de fact most of ’em call demselves Catlicks and dey have a day for every bleedin’ body, so dey do! 🙂


  6. Like most other Irish people I know, I didn’t bother celebrating Paddy’s day. We don’t, a lot of us!

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