Odd conversation

I left work late yesterday and bumped into Interesting Jeremy on the train.  Interesting Jeremy works for the National Statistics office and is very religious.  I once bumped into him on the train and asked if he was planning anything the new year.  He replied that he was wondering what God wanted him to do.  Talk about conversation stoppers. 

Moving on we exchanged greetings and inquired about one another’s day.  The usual pleasantries.  Somehow we got onto the topic of Barack Obama and his lifting of the ban on stem cell research.  I expressed the opinion that stem cell research could potentially revolutionise medicine.  He thought it was a terrible evil.  Not a lot of middle ground.

Moving on we somehow got onto the topic of euthanasia.  He said it was a terrible and I said it was a great idea and when would I get my licence to start killing people.  Although I was joking there wasn’t a lot of middle ground.

Luckily we got to talk about cricket.  I think cricket is one of the most relaxing games to watch in the world but I know nothing about it at all.  IJ is a cricket enthusiast and keen player.

Then the train reached it’s destination and we departed.

What topics stump you?


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15 responses to “Odd conversation

  1. heather

    Also “reality” television.

  2. There’s no mention of cricket in The Bible.

    Topics that stump me – anything to do with sport; politics;

    As an aside, I used to work for the ONS.

  3. Yet to meet one… if i have not heard of it before – i can learn from anyone who has! 🙂

    i think it has something to do with forming relationship?

    Something i see as important given my blog-name. 🙂


  4. Politics is easy. All sides are wrong most of the time but even the opposite side can sometimes be right. When that happens this is never admitted. Bunch of tossers.

    Babies are just funny.

    Cricket is impossible to explain. I have no clue what the rules are but it is very relaxing to watch on a hot summer’s day.

    Reality TV is cheap and very, very dull.

    Soupy, what about when David slew Goliath with a cricket ball? Eh?

    Love, why do you want to form relationships? Why is it important for you?

  5. Quips

    I played cricket once, but I found myself stumped.

    boom boom.

  6. Same (real) reason as anyone else Monsieur… Spiritual growth or as you might call it – my long term benefit/gain.

    Another way of looking at it could be ‘reunification’ of that which has been ‘separated’.

    plus it helps to avoid boredom, somewhat 😉


  7. Being nice to people stumps me right now.

  8. Quips, *groan*

    Love, you don’t have to form relationships to do those things. Simple fleeting contact would suffice. Is there no deeper reason?

    Brennig, as it often does me. Still, we can be forgiven for momentary lapses in patience I think. If not then it’s just tough.

  9. I can usually waffle about anything and everything, but I get stuck after a few sentences on the following two subjects (mainly because I can’t bring myself to waste my life entertaining them):

    I’m a celebrity, dancing on ice, strictly ballroom get me out of here – or ‘trailer-trash TV’ as I like to refer to it




  10. i fear you may have understood me a tad J?

    By ‘relationship’ i mean any contact with another human spirit/form – even a brief contact can have importance for my growth if i remain open to the concept and look deep enough.

    I mentioned ‘relationship’ to avoid suggesting we might follow some ‘mysticism’ that implies God can best be found through personal isolation and deeper meditation of the world and one’s own navel, without coming into contact with other human beings

    How much deeper than the eventual reunification of all individual aspects of God into Oneness , one co-joined aware consciousness, do you want?? 🙂


  11. Urgh Spaniel, reality TV. *shudder* Reality for people who don’t want reality.

    Love, a relationship is more than contact but that is just a semantic quibble. I would be concerned if you view human contact only in terms of how it benefits your personal growth. It seems somehow to be a very selfish way of looking at other people. Surely it would be more accurate to say that your personal growth is a byproduct of your interaction with other humans rather than a reason for it? Besides which isolation can also lead to personal growth if you can develop a degree of self reflection and personal honesty that allows for a person to examine critically their own shortcomings.

    How much deeper than the eventual reunification of all individual aspects of God into Oneness , one co-joined aware consciousness, do you want??

    That sounds like a horrible idea to me. I enjoy my individuality and the idea of having that subsumed into a cosmic whole is unsettling. Who would want to be a Borg if they had a choice?

  12. I will be generous here and assume your completely misunderstanding me on the word ‘relationship’ ( i did not ever say ‘A’ relationship) is mostly a result of the extremely poor form of relating to one another we are using here (ie virtual typed connection only) combined with a slight intentional opposition to what you seem to believe is the way i think/my reason in doing so?

    i would be very concerned if i only viewed other human contact in terms of how it benefits my personal growth also! I never said that i ONLY did that – did i? My answer to your question was addressing the very deepest reason in my whole being – one that for most of my life of half a century and at amny times recently – i had not the slightest clue about, but which i can now see is the TRUE underlying motive for virtually all action of this human being

    Like most humans i do mostly what i see is in my self-interst, be it directly (selfish) or indirectly (humanitarian) Hating selfishness, i convince myself that my selfish acts are for more ‘noble’ purposes than merely my own.

    By believing in the principles of Jesus i find i can overcome my ego and pure selfishness and move to a ‘wider’ personal view so that doing what is best for the immaterial individual soul in turn makes me attempt to do what is in both my own AND the best intersts of all beings.

    On the last point: your individuality remains – it just does not remain in ‘isolation’ from everything else. You may not feel ‘isolated’ living in your own mind and body and soul with all your many contacts/relationships but you are far from understanding the reality of everything else ‘truly’. This is the Ultimate aim – where all illusion and misunderstanding is eliminated and we realise the truth of who we are and where we are and ‘why’. This is what i meant by reunification into ‘Oneness’ the awareness that we are all parts of the same whole – not isolated individuals with ‘single’ bodies in a massive, strange ‘unknown/unknowable’ (completely) Universe.

    We would know truly what another individual ‘thinks’ – lying and secrets would be impossible. I don’t believe the ‘world’ will achieve this anytime ‘soon’. But an individual can aim for it and benefit from the attempt.

    Why on earth (space ship Enterprise) would you think the only possible ‘outcome’ of being united into Oneness would be to become a borg???

    Is that the limit of your imagination? I had you down for someone more intelligent than that Sir)

    By ‘co-joined’ i was trying to make the point that we would retain our finite individual self-awareness but also we would have access to the totality of all awarenesses in One United infinite awareness. Our ego hates the idea. Our ego is what in the main denies us true Joy and Happiness but provides it’s own forms of those as poor shadows of the ‘real’ thing. (Apologies to Coca Cola) 😉


  13. By believing in the principles of Jesus i find i can overcome my ego and pure selfishness

    I don’t follow. How is your belief a help? Is it not truer to say that you are inspired?

    On the last point: your individuality remains – it just does not remain in ‘isolation’ from everything else.

    Just like the Borg then. All minds come together to form a collective. Individuality is denied except in the way that it contributes to the whole. There is no discord or disagreement but a continuous consensus.

    By ‘co-joined’ i was trying to make the point that we would retain our finite individual self-awareness but also we would have access to the totality of all awarenesses in One United infinite awareness.

    Much like now then? We are self aware individuals who have access to the greater whole of humanity and nature if we choose to explore it.

    I’m playing Devil’s Advocate, love. You present a lovely idea where we are all at peace under a perfect guiding light but who is to say that this is even desirable. If there is an enlightened ideal then I wish to find it on my own rather than being led to it. The journey is more important to me that some mythical outcome that I may never reach.

    Awake. Seek truth. Stumble. Begin again. This is a single truth more important than the myth of Jesus or some grand tale of a unified heaven. The truth doesn’t have to be nice and conform to your expectations to be true. It simply is.

  14. I understand what you are saying J.

    I can assure you my (The) Truth is in no way ‘nice and comfy’ but requires me to face the deepest darkest parts of the mind/self that i would ‘generally’ far prefer not to look at if all i desired was my own comfort.

    Do you truly believe that Jesus – as described in the Bible was all about nice and comfy – or that was what He knew is the WAY for us humans to reach God and our own Truth as a result? – where does crucifixion at the hands of Roman soldiers and being beaten/humiliated by his own kind come into that – or how does the death of Martyrs for Christ following his initial (and much later) teachings being put forth in the face of deadly opposition of the Authority at the time imply a nice and comfy way of being?

    Each one of us is responsible for ‘finding’ our own truth and i would HOPE that each one thus found is ‘compatible’ with every other – that dissention be eliminated in favour of co-operation, greater understanding/forgiveness/less personal egotism.(selfish ‘idealism’)

    I believe the Truth has many ‘levels’ to it – and some will find that limiting the Truth to what we ourselves can ‘observe’ or figure out for ourselves will leave them ‘unprepared’, which i personaly feel is a sad thing – i would not like to think my truth/salvation’ required me to work every single thing out for myself and i could not learn beneficial things to help my ‘growth’ from othr human beings – as well as a ‘greater’ force extant in the Universe.

    My belief gives me an alternative method of acquiring ‘Truth’ ( beyond my mind alone) that i do not think i could attain merely by ‘knowledge’ but it also gives me a source of knowledge to refer to (Scripture for example) and the willingness vital to taking ‘on board’ knowledge it contains also)

    I don’t think people who do not believe in Christ can achieve the same level of understanding/more complete acceptance within of Jesus as those who do believe.

    Faith can provide an understanding science is unequipped to provide.

    Science can only deal effectively with what can be ‘seen’, not the unseen.

    You say the Borg deny individuality except for… in God there is NO ‘denial’ of individuality – all ‘finites’ (collections of thought constituting an ‘individual’ are simply accepted as part of the infinite whole and are free to comprise and increase/change the component thoughts that make each an ‘individual’ to all others. It is simply that all individuals (you, me, everyone) becomes aware our individuality all has a COMMON ‘source’ and that if we take opposition to another individual we are opposing ‘ourself/God’ in the ‘final’ state of consciousness.

    Well.. the way i see it anyway 😉

    i think you encapsulated the ‘problem’ i see currently quite nicely in the phrase…

    we are all SELF-aware individuals…

    we mostly are aware of the self (isolated individual, just like ‘everyone else’), when in fact i think we need to become ONE aware individuals… we all are part of the same Universal ‘Whole’ that forms a single infinite consciousness that is free to experience itself as many finite individuals.

    To do so would allow us to live in Peace. with respect for all life, not only our own (many of us do not even posses that much).

    So how do you see peace occurring – and if you don’t how can you expect it might come to be?

    Or is that not an ideal worth working towards so long as all of us can continue in our own individual search for truth – stumbling along blindly?

    If you’re acting as Devil’s Advocate does that make me God’s Advocate?? 😯




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