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Odd conversation

I left work late yesterday and bumped into Interesting Jeremy on the train.  Interesting Jeremy works for the National Statistics office and is very religious.  I once bumped into him on the train and asked if he was planning anything the new year.  He replied that he was wondering what God wanted him to do.  Talk about conversation stoppers. 

Moving on we exchanged greetings and inquired about one another’s day.  The usual pleasantries.  Somehow we got onto the topic of Barack Obama and his lifting of the ban on stem cell research.  I expressed the opinion that stem cell research could potentially revolutionise medicine.  He thought it was a terrible evil.  Not a lot of middle ground.

Moving on we somehow got onto the topic of euthanasia.  He said it was a terrible and I said it was a great idea and when would I get my licence to start killing people.  Although I was joking there wasn’t a lot of middle ground.

Luckily we got to talk about cricket.  I think cricket is one of the most relaxing games to watch in the world but I know nothing about it at all.  IJ is a cricket enthusiast and keen player.

Then the train reached it’s destination and we departed.

What topics stump you?


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