Biblical Morality

Your morality is 0% in line with that of the bible.


Damn you heathen! Your book learnin’ has done warped your mind. You shall not be invited next time I sacrifice a goat.

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Before anyone with a religion tells me that I’m just being silly, I know.  It’s a joke.


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11 responses to “Biblical Morality

  1. uncleduck


    Still, at least you found your way round WP quicker than I am managing, post platform-27 (hence still cross-posting)

  2. Fabulous

    haha Heathen.

  3. Fabulous

    Boo i answered them all correctly and got the same answers as you. Hmm i got to church and everything and am a good girl me. lol

  4. Tiny Tash

    Um Heathen?? Great you got me confused

  5. Did i go to spam? or just ‘edited’? 🙄


  6. Nothing in spam love, unless you meant to try to sell me viagra?

  7. Bummer – another load of wisdom consigned to the cyberspace rubbish dump then 😉

    i would NEVER try to make you ‘orny’ Monsieur! – i promise! 🙂


  8. 8% heathen btw! 😉 Naturally i gave my teenage daughters to the mob for their carnal pleasure.

    OT was ‘cancelled out’ (superceded for those capable of following) by the NT – not that non-believers (or even most believers for that matter) get that in the slightest.


  9. OT was ‘cancelled out’ (superceded for those capable of following) by the NT

    I don’t want to sound like a panto but: Oh no it wasn’t. Matthew 5:18-19 and Luke 16:17 say otherwise.

    Anyway the giving of your daughters to the mob thing. I heard an explanation about how this was a terrible sacrifice on Lot’s part. Apparently once the girls were defiled their value as chattel would be much reduced. Lot would therefore suffer a severe financial hardship as a result. See he was only trying to help out those angels even though it cost him a fortune. What a guy.

    Later, of course, he gets both his daughters pregnant has has grandchildren by them so it was a good thing he kept them virgins after all.

    Not the only incident of rape and sacrifice in the bible of course. Judges 19:22-30 has a concubine given up to a mob for an all night gang rape followed by a dismemberment and ritual spreading of body parts among the bloodthirsty tribes of Yahweh.

    Luckily for modern society we don’t follow the Old Testament laws but have made up our own ones.

  10. As i said – not that believers or non-believers understand that in the slightest.

    The OT is for those who were before John the Baptist, the laws given then were the first attempt to help mankind back to God – it was almost never followed or understood and did not achieve it’s objectives very well but served some purposes. With the advent of Jesus Christ and the crucifixion there was a NEW way to God – a superior one. and although the Law does not ‘change’ till heaven and earth shall pass away, man is no longer to be bound to it but bound to the New Law under, and in, Christ – the Ten Commandments (OT) are re-written into the One Commandment (NT) – love the Lord thy God with all thy body and mind and heart and strength – and the one which ensures we do it in our own life – ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’.

    If we do this we do the whole of the Law.

    Still today over 2000 years later few if any today live that 100%

    Fear and greed and human nature and ego sees to that – sadly.

    Luck plays no part in it the way i see things, dear sir.

    The OT required primarily blood sacrifice – Jesus paid all for all who folowed after John. He was the fulfilment of the Old Testament.

    Of course if you don’t believe that then you might think you are forced to rely upon the Old Testament for a way back to God. I think any who try it will have a very hard time doing as it instructs nowadays.

    It is our ‘choice’ and we will need to accept the consequences of our choices.

    Whatsoever we choose.

    i just wish more would choose for ‘wiser’ reasons than many today seem to think ‘important’ in life.


  11. Of course if you don’t believe that then you might think you are forced to rely upon the Old Testament for a way back to God

    Like Jews and Muslims do. They describe Jesus as a prophet and not as a man-god, partly because the various prophecies that predict a messiah don’t fit to the record of Jesus. Actually the Qu’ran is supposedly the directly inspired word of God through a messenger like the Old Testament. The New Testament is the work of men reporting on events in their oral history.

    The Abrahamic God is the same God of all three religions. The same God appeared to Mohammad (peace on him) via Gabriel (a well attested angel of the Jewish and Christian books) and told Mohammad that the people of the book (Jews and Christians) had taken all the prior revelations wrongly. That Jesus was not his son but an admirable prophet. If Yahweh and Allah are one and the same God, why are you ignoring his most recent revelation? Why aren’t you a Muslim?

    However I think they are all made up but for someone who puts stock in such things it must be quite difficult to reconcile.

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