Once again

Here is a response received today from one of our field agents following an automated email showing a list of open cases.

13/01/2009: Transferred to Agent  SEE SEPERATE MESSAGE

I have a strong desire to reply with this message:

The word you are looking for is spelt “separate”. There is no such word as “seperate”.  If you need a mnemonic to help you with this common misspelling then “pare” is what you do to fruit when you cut it in half.  In fact “pare” and “separate” come from the same route Latin word “parare” meaning “make ready”.

The question is: Am I that pedantic?

I’ll put the kettle on while I think about it.


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4 responses to “Once again

  1. I feel your irritation Mr F. Nags and I frequently find similar hideous errors while out and about and then have a good old rant about them, so we can empathise! xx

  2. hey come on – at least they managed the e on the end.

    by the way the spelling error which makes me want to draw blood has to be when people confuse ‘to’ and ‘too. ie when they write ‘yah, my bum is to big’. grrrrrrrrrrrr

    also the confusion between ‘lose’ and ‘loose’.

  3. Scunthorpe Freecycle website: the home of thicko contributors…..
    I’ve noticed over the past few years the standards are getting near to rock bottom, the use of ‘textspeak’ in particular in other than a text message is becoming far too common!
    Same here mate, going to put the kettle on…..

  4. Oh dear Lord, like Chips says don’t even get me started on TxtSpk! ARGH! xx

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