I referenced a Daily Mash story in a forum today and was asked:

(What does “Mash” refer to?)

This is my response.  Can anyone confirm that it is accurate as I was pretty much blagging the whole thing.

Mash comes from the term “mashup” which I think is of Jamaican origin. Jamaican immigrants brought it to England where it became popular, particularly in inner city culture. That goes back to the days when we were begging for cheap workers to come in to England. Nowadays we’re still begging for cheap workers but slagging them off for having the audacity to want to work in “our” country while generations of English live in a state of institutionalized welfare.

Anyway “mashup” means to mix or bring from several sources, to bootleg or rip off. Daily Mash is also a pun on Daily Mail, a popular tabloid paper that Satan would read if he existed. Some days it is hard to tell the difference between a Daily Mail headline and a Daily Mash headline and I’m not joking about that.

I’d like some validation that my blagging is close enough to accurate to warrant my continued use of “making stuff up as I go along”. 

Please and thank you.

Also, it’s Friday.  Yay!


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4 responses to “Mashup

  1. I can’t answer the question. But I have a collection (about 520) of music mashups. Some are better than the original songs they were mashed up from.

  2. As far as I understand it Mashup originally meant ‘Broken’. or ‘Very very intoxicated.’ cf Trashed.
    e.g. “Him Mashup him car ” or “Man we gwan ge’ Mashup tonight on some righteous ‘erb.

    cf “He trashed his car” or “Man we’re going to get so trashed tonight on some excellent Cannabis”

    Mashup has now started being used instead of the term Re-mix. The most important thing about the concept is that it’s working with some original source material to create something new, different or funny

    So the Oldfield Vs The Orb Remix of ‘Sentinel’ would now be known as, A mike Oldfield/The Orb Mashup. (Vs was the old school way to describe the two things being remixed, or the Re-mixer and the source)

    Any of the ‘Der Untergang’ remixes or Mashups are another example.

  3. daffy

    I can’t really help on the mash, I just though it was tatties mashed up! But I thought I’d call in and say hi and pretend I visit all the time so you won’t notice the long absence)
    How you doin’? (say that in a Joey from friends voice and it’s quite funny)

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