Every. Single. Time.

We have a chap in “someone else’s company” who orders envelopes, pens, and other office supplies.  He places orders on an irregular ad hoc basis as the need arises.  Every time he prepares to make the order he sends this email around:

Stationary request what is it you would like me to order

Every time he sends this I reply with “Something that doesn’t move”.  Not because I want him to order something that doesn’t move but because “stationary” refers to things that are unmoving.  The word he should be using is “stationery” and I am a pedantic git.

In the unfortunate likelihood that you work somewhere with a pedantic git and need to know the difference between stationary and stationery you can use a handy mnemonic.  Remember the E in Envelope or the A in pArked cArs.

You can have a sweetie if you can point out all the errors in the previous text.


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11 responses to “Every. Single. Time.

  1. No thanks. I’m staying away from strange men offering me sweeties. 🙂

  2. I love it when you post things like this! 🙂

  3. Frog, I LOVE YOU!!!
    I am a pedant, too. The stationary order, and notes about “service area’s” and pages of typed notes litteres with greengrocers’ apostrophes drive me to the point of catatonia.
    Others look on, oblivious to my pain. I have concluded, therefore, that I have a disability.

    I can’t help it.
    But I love that you understand me.

  4. AGGHHH!!! A typing error. I am in pieces.
    It should have said ‘littered’


  5. Cataclismical

    A man after my own heart! Bring back the pedantics! It irks me that people can’t spell properly .. all.the.time .. not just the odd typo! Does that make me old?

  6. We definitely need more pedants.

  7. oh goodness, i nearly wee’d. you would like the book ‘I Before E Except After C’ (Judy Parkinson) whole book of little things to remember pedantic rules!

  8. Gosh, don’t get me started on spelling, punctuation and grammar — it’s one of my pet peeves! It wasn’t so long ago that one of my colleagues sent an email around with the title “Subscriber’s love toys”. Contrary to the title, it wasn’t anything to do with Ann Summers at all, but just an email to say that the cuddly toys we had sent to subscribers were very popular!

  9. Andrea

    This was so funny. I just came across your blog via Google and I very much enjoy it. Pedantic Boy. Not a lot of people would get that lol.

  10. DH

    I loved this post! It was hilarious. Like Cataclismical, it irks me too when people don’t spell properly. Not those people who CAN’T spell (like dyslexics or genuine illiterates, my sympathies go out to them) but people who WON’T spell, meaning, people who just can’t be bothered to spell the words correctly.

    And this guy seems to me like he just couldn’t be bothered to spell this particular word correctly. I mean, ’cause you had several times before pointed this mistake out.

    So good for him, Pedantic Boy. Keep sending him those “Something that doesn’t move” mails! 🙂

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