Daily Archives: 22 January 2009

Every. Single. Time.

We have a chap in “someone else’s company” who orders envelopes, pens, and other office supplies.  He places orders on an irregular ad hoc basis as the need arises.  Every time he prepares to make the order he sends this email around:

Stationary request what is it you would like me to order

Every time he sends this I reply with “Something that doesn’t move”.  Not because I want him to order something that doesn’t move but because “stationary” refers to things that are unmoving.  The word he should be using is “stationery” and I am a pedantic git.

In the unfortunate likelihood that you work somewhere with a pedantic git and need to know the difference between stationary and stationery you can use a handy mnemonic.  Remember the E in Envelope or the A in pArked cArs.

You can have a sweetie if you can point out all the errors in the previous text.


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