Feeding time

Do NOT feed the trolls.


Seriously, just don’t.  They never stop once you start.  It is better to ignore them.


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16 responses to “Feeding time

  1. A lesson learnt through painful experience, despite you and Dom and Dan telling me this over and over!

  2. Oh dear Mr Frog, is someone being mean?

  3. Blue, you’d think I’d learn my own lessons.

    Pinky, not anymore, I’m ignoring them now. I’ve resolved to stop bickering with people who refuse to listen to other views. They don’t have to agree but they do need to listen.

  4. Mr Frog, I wish to be magnificent. What do I need to do to realise this dream?

  5. I have a hat, but no feather… Perhaps we can start work on an elaborate plan while I source a feather?

    • I suggest the feather of a peacock. These violent thugs of the bird kingdom often leave them lying around. I suggest frequenting the places that they hang out but try to be inconspicuous as they resent strangers.

      As for a plan I would think that you’d need to start from where you are, work out where you want to be and then plan some sort of route to get between the two. Small steps are important and reasonable expectations are vital.

  6. As a registered Troll I take umbrage, now thats said feed me now….

  7. I have a very similar Philosophy – almost exact, in fact. There is only one letter difference…” Do NOT feed the Tolls”

    It seems to encourage them (making them propagate in alarming numbers) and they ALWAYS want more of your hard-earned every time you pass over ‘their’ bridge or carriage-way. Just take the longer way and enjoy the view. If time permits stop and smell the roses. 🙂


  8. Ugh. You been annoyed fella?

  9. How on earth did you find that photo of Nagnagnag’s ex and her sister?! 😉 xx

  10. tiny

    The trolls look like Cake worm

  11. cake worm

    Tiny, i will feed u 2 da trolls.

    Not now.

    But when u least expect it.

    And after i eat my cake.

  12. tiny

    can i have the cake i hungery and if you feed me 2 da troll i will eat you
    now now
    but when ive eaten your cake te he

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