Get rich quick

Any tips on how to get rich quick? All this working for a living is too tiring.


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7 responses to “Get rich quick

  1. A few months back I would have suggested learning the tricks of being a share broker, that was quick money; a few months back I would have said rob a bank, but that doesn’t seem a good option now either 🙂

    So I guess you’ll have to figure it out on your own, do let me know when you find it though 🙂

  2. How about Google Adwords? At my current rate of clicks, I reckon I should be a millionaire by 35431 A.D.

  3. Jason

    Steal stuff. There’s nuthin wrong with it anyway.

  4. Ask a Psychic for your ‘lucky’ lottery/lotto numbers!

    One I heard spouting them out recently to callers to a talkback radio show over here said he’d helped a HUNDRED AND FIFTY people win ‘big’ prizes over the last 30 years. No-one seemed put off by the fact that that worked out to five winners a year and he was spouting out the (different) 6 numbers to at least 15 callers in about ten minutes of radio time.

    I reckon he was a ‘stats’ psychic – you say enough stuff and surprisingly some of it actually comes ‘true’

    Clearly, in your case though – that doesn’t always work! 😉

    i’m not ‘qualified’ ( read: i don’t charge you a hundred bucks an hour!) but i reckon you should try 1, 7, 18, 23, 35 and 42.

    I’ll settle for 15% of your lifetime winnings – ok?


  5. everybody wants to get rich but not everybody wants to sweat to get rich “”

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