Best pressie

What was the best pressie that Santa gave you for Christmas?

We got a Wii.  It’s fantastic.


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10 responses to “Best pressie

  1. Jason

    A few days away from work for me! 🙂

  2. Oh me too, I second Jason. And considering we don’t celebrate Christmas that is even more appreciated 🙂

  3. My mirror shaped like a peacock fairy woman…or all my Zombie graphic novels!

  4. It was actually my scarf, I think! Better than my laptop and my DS. I hope that doesn’t make me sound ungrateful!

  5. Jason and Violet, that’s quite a cool pressie but didn’t most of us get that extra time off?

    Violet, I’m interested in the idea of not celebrating Christmas. Being in a country that doesn’t have the distinct Christian cultural thing going it must be very refreshing to be given that extra time gratis. Do you lose out on other holidays that are important to you but you are expected to work?

    Chloe, do you have mirror piccies?

    Soupy, ungrateful no, warm yes.

  6. We get holidays for one day festivals, but for the really major festivals which go on for a week, say Diwali, we are expected to be back in 2-3 days. Most of our clients are from U.S or U.K. So they generally don’t understand the idea of giving 1 week off for say Diwali. We are expected to be back in 2 days.
    We are encouraged to take leaves in December because the client will be on leave, so less work. It’s actually not fair, but we can’t really help it.

  7. No I suppose it isn’t. Still that’s what happens to us wage slaves. I was chatting to a friend who worked in retail and he was expected to be in work on Boxing Day even though it’s a bank holiday.

  8. snarlz

    Wasn’t that Wii meant to be for us kids? So Are you and mum playing on it everyday till midnight? O_o

    My favorate present was probably Tomb Raider Underworld. Or Breaking Dawn. Can’t decide…

    Peace out! -snarlz-

  9. snarlz

    *rolls eyes* We’re considering guarding the Wii with crowbars and shotguns. Be afraid, we’re training to be NINJAS!!!

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