Anna’s Day

Apparently in Sweden and Finland today is Anna’s Day.  A day where everyone called Anna is recognized.

Sadly I don’t know anyone called Anna.  I’m therefore sharing a picture of Anna Paquin as Rogue.

I wonder if there is a Jason’s day?


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12 responses to “Anna’s Day

  1. LOL, I wonder if there’s enough room in that suit for me, wouldn’t mind some ‘Rogue-ish’ behaviour with her I can tell you…..

  2. Rev. Reed Braden

    If you vote for me as totalitarian dictator of Earth in 2036, I’ll make every Thursday Jason’s Day.

  3. Anyday i get to look at Anna Paquin is a good one!


  4. Quips

    Friday the 13th?

  5. Jason

    Today is Jason’s day, isn’t it? Happy Birthday Mr Frog!!

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  7. Chippy, fnarr fnarr although I didn’t put the picture up to titilate.

    Reed, Thursday is already Thor’s day. I ain’t messing with the Thunder God. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are similarly taken by Norse gods (Tyr, Wotan and Freyja) That really leaves Monday, an unpopular day, particularly the first half, Saturday or Sunday. The Abrahamic religions have already opted for the weekend days between them (plus Friday) so i get lumbered with a day named after the moon. You can’t win votes by giving people the left overs. Tsk!

    Robert, the day was worthwhile then?

    Quips, where have you been for the past year or so?

    Jason, it was yes. Another arbitrary day marking the regular rotation of the planet round the nearest star that I have survived to. Still, I had cake.

    Hazel, you’re a spam bot aren’t you? Stop spamming, it’s naughty.

  8. I don’t know about a Jason’s day – but you’ve just made mine, i can tell you! 🙂

    Did someone mention cake?? Happy Birthday! – how many frog years are you now?

    Actually – i lie – i DO know about Jason’s day – it’s July 12th!

    you’re welcome! 🙂


  9. Cheers Love. For an old European tradition (from an old European..38 is really old) I must say that I’d never heard of name days. I’ve learnt something new today, brilliant.

  10. Srangely enough This old former European first learned of name days from a Czech friend of his when he was about 38 years old, a little over 10 years ago! They get presents on theirs and it can surpass the birthday as an annual celebration in some places. I don’t know if you’d get cake on Jul 12th though?? 🙂

    Still one coild hope huh? 😉

    There seems to be a connection to the Feast Days of certain saints from old religious, and possibly even pagan, calendars – and then there is All Saints’ Day in Christian Calendars.

    Now if i could just get a calendar of Anna P …


  11. I imagine that Anna Paquin calendars are readily available at this time of year. I never knew that you were such a fan of the thespian arts.

  12. hu u callin a thespian?? An thorry ’bout the lithp! 😉


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