Cluster bombs

Did you know that we in Great Britain are now proud signatories to the Convention on Cluster Munitions?  We signed up yesterday.  Sadly our cousins in North America, China and Russia are still happy to use cluster bombs to blow up their enemies.  Their enemies are clearly unarmed civilians and children as, according to the group Handicap International, 98 percent of cluster bomb victims are civilians, and 27 percent are children.

Love has commented on the historic moment and The Daily Mash has their own unique take on it  

Hilary Clinton supported the unrestricted use of cluster bombs so I don’t see a change of policy from the incoming US foreign secretary.  Hopefully I’m wrong about that and that nice Barack Obama will brief her and get her to support a change in policy.  He’s good at the message of change after all.

I shall be writing to my MP like a proper grown up person and asking him* to seek further restrictions on the use of these despicable weapons.  I would certainly like to see a ban on production and sale as well as use and I’ll be asking him to push for that.  If you want to do something then you could sign the ePetition on the government’s web site or you could write to your MP.

The idea is to stop more injuries like this:

*I know who he is but you can find out who your MP is from


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2 responses to “Cluster bombs

  1. Why would you think “BO” would be kid friendly? He is the biggest supporter of abortion on demand in the USA. His sister Hillary leans the same way. God fogive us.

  2. Well, as you asked, Barack Obama strikes me as a man of principle who is willing to stand up for what he believes in and offer practical solutions to complex problems. Unrelated as abortion is to the issue of cluster bombs (I’m not sure how you made such a leap) I still see Barack Obama as the leader capable of making a balanced and informed decision about both issues.

    One point of fact though: Barack Obama does not support abortion, he supports allowing it but prefers to reduce it through education and a comprehensive health policy. People will continue to have sex regardless of what the President says but perhaps if they are given information about pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and the means to prevent these through condom use then perhaps there will be less unwanted pregnancies. Less unwanted pregnancies means fewer abortions. Ignorance and abstinent only education means more pregnancies and more abortions.

    Furthermore kids exposed to abstinence only “education” have sex just as much as those informed about contraceptives. The USA has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the developed world and and STI rate of 50%. Not as bad as some parts of Africa but not something I’d be proud of.

    If you want to reduce abortions then support Barack Obama and get out there and help to education people. It’s better than making up or listening to half wit propaganda.

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