No-one who I work with remembers Rentaghost except for the really old farts.


They don’t even know who Metal Mickey is and I’m worried that they might not know about Roobarb and Custard.


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3 responses to “Old

  1. I used to love watching Rentaghost.

  2. I hated Rentaghost, Mr Claypole still frightens and annoys me in equal measure, but I still love Roobarb and Custard which is now on Nick Jr as Nick Classics after 8pm (YAY!) and I never missed Metal Mickey on a weekend :o) I can also still remember the theme tune to Why Dont You? How that will help me in life I honestly don’t know, but it’s there.

  3. I loved Rentaghost Perp. I don’t knwo why it’s never been repeated.

    Diva, ah the joys of having a young one…a perfect excuse to watch cartoons and sing silly songs. Brilliant. as for Why Don’t You I remember it but not all the words.

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