Good for America

Barack ObamaWell, you’ve probably heard by now that Barack Obama is President elect of the United States.  Good for them.  It looks like they’ll have a leader who will make some real change to the way they conduct themselves as a world power. 

With a bit of luck we’ll get swept along too and stop going to war so much and stop colluding in the kidnapping and illegal imprisoning of free citizens in Cuba. 

Maybe we’ll stop pandering to big business and make an effort to help the people who make this country great and keep big businesses going. 

Maybe we’ll borrow an energy policy or two from US that will stop us being so reliant on the middle east for oil. 

Maybe we’ll see Obama’s medicare plan start to work and change the trend of our own NHS so that it is no longer allowed to slowly crumble.

Maybe education reform will ignite an interest in England on our own education system so that we have tests to assess learning and not tests to put schools in league tables.

Maybe the welfare system will be reformed to act as a safety net for people and not a way of life.  We should protect our citizens from hard times, not coddle them so they never seek to rise above our own limitations.  A raise in the minimum wage would be a start as would a change to the tax system.

Maybe a tax system that takes from those most able to afford it will be borrowed from Obama’s ideals and the average Jo Plumber will have a few quid extra to spend or save for old age, his parent’s retirement or his children’s education.

Maybe a separation of Church and state rigorously enforced by the new President will encourage our own government to end the peerage for religious leaders and keep the state and personal faith of her citizens apart for the preservation of both.

Maybe the interference in Iraq will end and allied troops will be able to finally withdraw without the nation erupting in civil war and hundreds of thousands more being killed and leaving the people open to the vile hate mongering of the enemies of the West, the Taliban and the message of al Qaeda that paints us as thieves and invaders.  Which is true for Iraq at least if not Afghanistan.

Maybe our own policy on war will change to reflect Obama’s idea of international cooperation and mutual defence rather than preemptive attacks and occupation.

Maybe the idea of equality for race, sexuality and gender embraced by the American people will spur our own flagging ideals a little.

Maybe the world will improve just a little because of the good decision of the American people yesterday.

I hope so. Time will tell.


Equality suffered a setback slightly today.  Proposition 8 defining marriage as an institution between a man and a woman got through 52% to 48%.  What that means to 18,000 gay marriages is anyone’s guess.


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9 responses to “Good for America

  1. I agree with you. I do hope the American people give him time to change it though, and don’t expect it all to be fixed overnight….

  2. Speaking as an American from the VERY blue Northeast….

    The challenges my country faces are unprecedented. The mess that we have in matters economic is inexplicable. The costs and effects of two expeditionary wars will ripple through this century and probably beyond.

    Much needs to CHANGE. Mr. Obama is the best qualified to lead at this point in our history.

    I do not envy him. He’ll have to rise to challenges that no other president has had to face.

    I think he is up to the challenge. I will follow him…so long as he leads with his head with respect to his heart.


  3. Chloe, I doubt if anyone expects a miracle….well some Americans might but they probably didn’t vote for him.

    Robert, I know you support him but you sound quite tentative in that support. You’re not disillusioned with American politics are you?

    Oh I have an addendum.

  4. Disheartened….

    We are still very divided in this country….

    Those like me long to look forward blaze new territory find new solutions and there is the other half that longs to turn the clock backward…

    It is not remotely clear who will win this struggle.


  5. Well Robert I can only say that progress tends to drag even the most reluctant along for the ride. America is in the twenty first century with parts entrenched in the seventeenth century but every time something “radical” becomes “mainstream” in a little erosion on those outdated values. naturally this worries some but its hard to hold on to values that most people reject. That’s why slavery is so reviled today when it was accepted only a half dozen generations ago.

  6. History was made last night indeed – but the best thing is to see hope in people’s eyes again…

  7. Good post, very good post indeed. I found myself nodding along to it all as I read it! xx

  8. Stop Smoking, yes, I agree, hope in people’s eyes is uplifting.

    Diva, thanks, you say the sweetest things.

  9. Matt

    All presidents come into office hoping to change the status quo. What makes Obama different is not the fact that he’s been able to get a lot done during the time in the senate – that’s actually a weakness. It is that he’s a talented speaker is able to appeal to peoples’ imagination.

    People see that he’s been able to break through a color barrier and become our nation’s first black president – a good thing, don’t get wrong – but somehow think this will magically translate into being able to solve America’s problems with ease. The reality of being president is that nothing is easy. Unfortunatly some people seem to lose their pragmatism when it comes to Obama.

    Here’s a more realistic, albeit humorous slant on Obama’s new career.

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