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Lots of questions

Hemant asks which questions in your life go unanswered?

Here are my questions.  If anyone has any answers can you let me know.  Otherwise do you have any questions?

  1. What will replace humans as the dominant species on the planet when we’re all gone (if anything)?
  2. Why can’t we humans create a government that is able to plan for longer than 3 years ahead?
  3. When you die all your brain functions cease.  Where does the energy go when this happens?  Is it just emitted as heat or electromagnetic radiation?  How much energy is involved?
  4. Why do living things die?
  5. Is it possible to build the Matrix or something similar where a virtual environment is indistinguishable from a real environment?
  6. When you look in a mirror and see your reflection is that how people see you (only in reverse) or do they see you differently?
  7. Is it possible to build a tower that goes into space?
  8. Could we colonise Mars or one of the moons in our solar system?
  9. How close to the speed of light can we travel and survive?
  10. What sort of crops should I grow in my pokey little garden?
  11. Why do some people seem to need religion?
  12. Is there anything smaller than a quark?  I’ve heard of superstrings but the idea is too strange for my mammal brain.
  13. What’s it like to be a pond skater, a bird or a mole?
  14. What colour was a T-Rex?

Not thirteen questions but fourteen.


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