Picture meme

Many years ago the wonderful Sioned introduced me to this meme.  Essentially someone posts a word (in this case it would be me) and then the reader (you) rushes off to image search it.  They (you) then post an entry with the amusing picture and a new word and rush back to say that you have done so.  The next person goes from your blog in a long and silly chain.

We all then spend oodles of time cavorting about t’Internet putting silly pictures up and much fun is had by all.

My word (as I’m starting this) is Interesting and this is my silly picture.


Your word is: lazy as in lazy blogging…which is what this is.

I can barely contain my anticipation.  Don’t forget to leave the instructions up.

There’s no tag, just nominate yourself.


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3 responses to “Picture meme

  1. Posted – over to love’s place! See link in comment title. 🙂

    New word – Crunch!

    (Naughty Froggie – Nuns!?)


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  3. rhosie

    wow, its cute!…

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