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Polly Ticks

I have a question.

Can anyone think of a reason why my views should be represented in various political forums by 15 people?

According to the Write to Them website my district councillors are Terry Hart (Labour) and Susan Stocker (Liberal Democrat), my county councillors are Ann Buckley (Liberal Democrat) and Anne Edwards (Labour), my MP is David Willetts (Conservative) and my ten MEPs are Peter Skinner (Labour), Ashley Mote (Independent), Sharon Bowles (Liberal Democrat), Nigel Farage (UK Independence), Daniel Hannan (Conservative), Caroline Lucas (Green) and, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, (Liberal Democrat).

My political views are so much in the minority, it seems, that I feel compelled to point out that I haven’t voted for any of these people.  Not even one of them.  I’m also ashamed to admit that I have only heard of two of them.  Willetts, because I have an unreasonable hatred for the shiny faced little git and Terry Hart because I remember getting a leaflet through the door from him.

I’m disappointed to discover that Terry Hart isn’t the same Terry Hart who was an astronaut.  If he was the same guy then I probably would have voted for him.

Do I really need this many people representing me?  Isn’t one person representing me in national government, one in local government and one in Europe enough?  Do I even need that many?

Political views on the size of government are welcome.


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