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How many emo kids does it take to change a light bulb?

F*&K’em, let them cry in the dark.


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Apparently promiscuity leads to demonic possession according to this article the other day.

Tim Rice

That’s not all.  Oh no.  Apparently all those trendy new age things are “(t)he thin end of the wedge (soft drugs, yoga for relaxation, horoscopes just for fun and so on) is more dangerous than the thick end because it is more deceptive – an evil spirit tries to make his entry as unobtrusively as possible.”  All you yoga fans, I count my eldest in this (hi Beth), are in for a nasty time when your relaxation techniques and stretching exercises come back to haunt you.  Oh yes.  Warm up exercise is the devils work.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse…It does.  All those wicked progressive leaders and well meaning individuals are just inviting Satan in to get you because  “At the centre of this is man’s ever-growing pride and attempted self-reliance. Man trying to build a better world without God – another Tower of Babel,”  You see, a better world leads to confusion and Satan takes advantage of that. 

What I can conclude is that Fr. Davies believes that Satan wants people to build a better world with science and medicine where everyone can be happy and won’t want gods any more.  Then we can have a big party with lots of naughtiness which will open the gates of hell allowing people to be limber and relaxed.

Thanks to Jennifer Dziura for the link.


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