Can I go home and sleep for the rest of the day please?


This post isn’t just an excuse to pun “tire” with “tyre”, I’m genuinely tired and in need of sleep.

I’m not in the mood to be at work.  I’d rather go swimming or a thousand other things that are more interesting than office politics and bad tempered staff bitching about each other.

So, I ask again, can I just go home and leave them to it?


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16 responses to “Tired

  1. Dom

    I can recommend 3 months off 😀

  2. Is three months enough?

  3. I say GO FOR IT! Oh………and take me with you please! I’m surrounded by idiots I tell you!

  4. Dom

    Well, ideally I’d like the rest of my life off but 3 months has been fun.

  5. Of course you can, Frog. Just say I said it was fine….

  6. Matt

    Swimming is awesome…until later that night when you realized most of the heavy duty sunscreen you put on (supposedly waterproof) was ineffective leaving you in agony. Leason learned.

    So you might want to try an indoor pool.

  7. I did. I think it was a culmination of heat and lack of sleep but by 15.30 my head was dropping. So I walked out, came home, went to bed and slept from 16.30 to 18.00. Woke up, did things, tidied and then slept from 21.30 to 05.45 and boy do I feel good today! Grrrr!! 🙂 Perhaps a little of what you fancy really does work?

  8. A siesta is what I need. I think it should last between 11am and say 5pm. Just to be sure that I’m recovered.

  9. Well of course….sniffle and hack a few times and your outta there…besides, if the weather there is anything like the weather here…it’s way too nice to be inside!!! 😉

  10. Deb, that would be dishonest. Besides which I am firmly of the opinion that if you can get to work then you should go to work. Minor illnesses should not keep you from working. Plus the weather is horrible. It’s too hot and humid and bright.

  11. Mr Frog .. I went to work this morning, only just making it to my chair – via the bathroom .. 15 minutes late … I’ve asked to go to 4 days a week as it is so quiet but had no reply .. for me to be ill today (a Friday) that would have been wrong .. however having been sent home and slept I feel sooo much better and could easily go back to work .. but I still feel guilty that I am sat on the sofa, watching Morse, but only 10 feet from the loo (as opposed to a 1/4 mile)! As the functioning part of the nation .. going home early on occasions should be positively encouraged, especially as it may improve production on those days you actually function normally!

    However, it’s Friday and I can’t be arsed .. so please, feel free to go home early yesterday! 😀

  12. Cat, yay! Although I FAILed utterly to leave early I did manage to leave less than one hour late.

  13. Geez, Hov, I was kidding…whew..

  14. Sorry, I was being straightlaced but humorous……well I was attempting to.

  15. I thought I was being reprimanded….LOL….hope you got some sleeps!!!

  16. Jason

    I’m with you Mr Frog, if a little belatedly.

    As I sit here and look out of the window at the nice sunny day outside, the last thing I really want to be doing is working!

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