Little Al come downstairs last night in his jammies, hands and face covered in blood.  He’d been trying to pull a loose tooth out but it looked like he’d been drinking the blood of his victims.

I would think having a vampire for a son would be cool.  I mean apart from the sleeping all day and staying up all night thing.


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12 responses to “Vampire

  1. Vampire kids can hang upside down though…

  2. yup and he would be able to fly and climb on walls too. You can use him to clean the house 🙂

  3. Soupy, I can hang kids upside down by their ankles. Vampirism is just an added bonus.

    Violet, a useful application of his supernatural powers. We could also sell his bed as he wouldn’t need it what with the coffin and all.

  4. Do they need to change the lining of their coffins – vampires? I mean, they must get the same sort of use as bad linen and that needs to be changed. Cos you wouldn’t want to be kipping in a grotty coffin, would you?

    And little frozen lumps of blood in the fridge too, you’d have to put up with them – for those ‘snacky’ moments they might have.

  5. Did you rig up some form of string and door handle contraption to speed the removal of said tooth?

  6. Laundry must be a trial for vamps Brennig, what if they hang the sheets on the line and it rains at lunch time? They can’t just run out and snatch them in as the daylight will burn them.

    The frozen lumps of blood are the same as Frubes so we’d be OK with those.

  7. Perp, nope, I told him to leave it alone. It’ll fall out when it’s ready and not before.

  8. Dom

    It all really depends on which vampire mythology you choose to believe as to how cool it would be. Unfortunately for you most of them would have your darling little vampire kid polishing you off as his first meal 😀

  9. The Peanut’s a little Devil……….is that anything close to your Vampire??

  10. Dom, if I followed the Japanese vampire idea then Little Al could be invisible. That would frankly be a pain, he’s quite difficult to find at the best of times.

    Mylozmom, as long as we’re sticking to supernatural creatures then I think a devil will do just fine.

  11. I needed a laugh .. this gave me one (although I am seriously worried about the way some people’s minds work!!)

  12. Sioned

    Wait until he’s 16 – he’ll be close to a Vampire with the staying up all night a sleeping all day. No blood sucking occurs though… I think.

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