Nom nom nom

I’ve been playing with some recipes on Vegbox recently. I’ve discovered many delicious things to eat with some very simple ingredients.  Yesterday I tried the Spring Pasta figuring that it would be both filling and healthy.

Be warned though for these ingredients lurk, hidden innocuously, waiting to pounce.

150ml double cream
100g Blue cheese (optional)

Of course I had to try it and coincidentally I happened to have some double cream and stilton in my fridge…after I went to the shops to buy them.  I cooked the pasta and veg and nibbled a few raw ingredients and when it was draining in the colander I carefully followed instruction number 6.

Drain the pasta and veggies in a colander. Meanwhile, use the hot pan to warm through the cream and melt the cheese. Season with salt and pepper to taste

Double cream and stilton is flipping delicious as a cream sauce.  It’s seriously lovely.  I’m going to use it for other recipes and damn the arteries.


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6 responses to “Nom nom nom

  1. This evening I learned that pasta burns. If one puts on a pan of it then sits in the garden drinking Pimm’s for, erm, quite some time. 🙂

  2. I fancy a bacon and stilton sandwich now….. Mmmmmm…..

  3. Yuk .. cheese with blue bits in it .. IT’S WRONG I SAY! However I am partial to a bit of Brie … although some people I know are ‘llergic to the stuff .. so now I crave anything of a cheesy disposition .. yum pizza .. yum pizza .. 😦

  4. Brennig, pasta could only burn if all the water had been boiled away first…crumbs. Pimm’s Time must last for ages.

    DS, I *ahem* needed to finish the stilton off last night. No bacon but a monster doorstep sarnie was the inevitable result.

    Cat, blue is good. It’s sad that some people can’t handle the cheesy goodness of cheese. Then again it does leave more for me.

  5. Stilton makes a fine sauce. There should be legislation to make sure you have a stilton sauce once a week.

  6. I’m not so sure Perp. What if I just wanted a french onion sauce or a thick and creamy cheddar cheese sauce? Tonight I shall be making a thick tomato sauce with basil and garlic and using it to top a thick bread base before I cover it in cheese, onions and mushrooms. Stilton would be good though. I might also have to make a coconut sauce to bake some parsnips in this week.

    Feeling very foodie today.

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