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Nom nom nom

I’ve been playing with some recipes on Vegbox recently. I’ve discovered many delicious things to eat with some very simple ingredients.  Yesterday I tried the Spring Pasta figuring that it would be both filling and healthy.

Be warned though for these ingredients lurk, hidden innocuously, waiting to pounce.

150ml double cream
100g Blue cheese (optional)

Of course I had to try it and coincidentally I happened to have some double cream and stilton in my fridge…after I went to the shops to buy them.  I cooked the pasta and veg and nibbled a few raw ingredients and when it was draining in the colander I carefully followed instruction number 6.

Drain the pasta and veggies in a colander. Meanwhile, use the hot pan to warm through the cream and melt the cheese. Season with salt and pepper to taste

Double cream and stilton is flipping delicious as a cream sauce.  It’s seriously lovely.  I’m going to use it for other recipes and damn the arteries.


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