Pot Noodle

I realise that this is a strange parody and a piss take at the shallowness of the male gender but there is something about it that I find slightly disturbing.

Can anyone tell me what it is because I’m stuck on the vague feeling of unease and I can’t quite pin it down to one thing.


Filed under Reasons to be cheerful

4 responses to “Pot Noodle

  1. I think it’s the white jeans that scare me most….

  2. Sioned

    Oooo.. I dunno. I think the string tie is kinda freaky.

  3. I think it’s that Pot Noodles are vegetarian. So he wishes for a girl with no meat. Which is stupid. 🙂

  4. I’m not sure why people think of pot noodles as substitute for sex/naughtiness/pleasure.
    I find no pleasure in a pot noodle whatsoever.

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