Atheist Competition

Hemant is running another competition.

Create a motivational poster for atheists!

Here is the website that allows you to do it. Send your final products to email.JPG.

He’s specifically asked for positive posters so none of that slating religious people malarkey.

Here are my attempts.





Alan Cumming

It’s just a bit of fun and if any (sorry either) of the people who read this want to join in then the more the merrier.


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18 responses to “Atheist Competition

  1. I always wondered how people made those motivational posters online. One more mystery solved!

  2. wicked!!! can i steal one please?

  3. Helen, now you can make your own.

    SGT, go ahead but which one?

  4. PMSL at the last one of Alan Cumming! xxx

  5. i dunno yet – when i can figure out which one will irritate my christian mate the most ill let you know he he (btw its a ‘you will burn in hell’ variety)

  6. the first and the last one had me giggling out loud!

  7. Diva, can you imagine Alan Cumming as the son of god? The idea of an OT god (for some reason in my mind he’s from the 1950s, wears a tweed suit and smokes a pipe) having a son like Alan just makes me laugh out loud.

    SGT, I’ve got some more insulting ones but that’s not what the competition is about. I’m being extra tolerant at the moment.

    Mylozmom, you like the kitteh?

  8. I do indeed. Extra tolerant though.

    You could always check out wikiquote, google image something and make your own.

  9. I think I’ll pass on this one…ok, you did bring a smile to my face….. 🙂

  10. ya, really not a cat person but the logo caught me!

  11. Deb, you have an excuse but I’m glad I managed to raise a smile at least.

    SGT, let me know how it goe with your winding up.

    Mylozmum, it’s a quote from Tolkien I think.

  12. Woooooo! 😀 I has a new home, come and visit me! 😀

  13. PS – tell everyone 😉 There’s cake! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Dom

    The cake is a lie 🙂

  15. Yep, no cake. Just rudey pictures.

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