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Bloody Weather

How difficult is it to get a weather report for three weeks time?

Why is it that the likes of The Vampire Master (below) fail miserably to predict the weather far enough in advance for me to book a day off work?

Vampire Master Martyn Davies

Perhaps they should use my infallible methods of weather forecasting:

Animal guides:

If Ducks or Drakes their Wings do flutter high
Or tender Colts upon their Backs do lie,
If Sheep do bleat, or play, or skip about,
Or Swine hide Straw by bearing on their Snout,
If Oxen lick themselves against the Hair,
Or grazing Kine to feed apace appear,
If Cattle bellow, grazine from below,
Or if Dogs Entrails rumble to and fro,
If Doves or Pigeons in the Evening come
Later than usual to their Dove-House Home,
If Crows and Daws do oft themselves be-wet,
Or Ants and Pismires Home a-pace do get,
If in the dust Hens do their Pinions shake,
Or by their flocking a great Number make,
If Swallows fly upon the Water low,
Or Wood-Lice seem in Armies for to go,
If Flies or Gnats, or Fleas infest and bite,
Or sting more than they’re wont by Day or Night,
If Toads hie Home, or Frogs do croak amain,
Or Peacocks cry
Soon after look for Rain!

There’s happiness as a guide:

If you are gay, rain will not go astray
If you don’t think, the sky will turn pink
If you are in pain, it will rain
Clouds are fake, think they are not real and they shall go away.

Prediction by flora:

One of the most reliable of all natural weather indicators are pine cones. These have traditionally been used to forecast the weather as they change shape according to whether it is wet or dry. In dry weather, pine cones open out as the scales shrivel up and stand out stiffly. When it is damp, they absorb moisture and as the scales become flexible again, the cone returns to its normal shape.

If the oak flowers before the ash,
we shall have a splash.
If the ash flowers before the oak,
we shall have a soak

Echo response prediction:

When sounds travel far and wide,
A stormy day will betide.

Prediction by bones:

A coming storm your shooting corns presage,
And aches will throb, your hollow tooth will rage.

Prediction by frog remains my favourite:

The louder the frog, the more the rain.

Do you have any methods that are less crap?


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