Sign for the gate

Seeing as how I’m proper old an’ all I think it high time I got me one of those signs for the gate.  I’ve got the shed (two actually) and I’ve got my own shaving brush.  I’ve even got some slippers, though I don’t wear them.  A sign on the gate warning away visitors would round the whole thing off nicely.

I thought about a sign that said “Dunroamin” but it’s just too bad to put up.  I thought about a “Beware of the Dog” but I have a rabbit, a rat and a truly ancient and bad tempered cat.  No dog, so no sign.  I thought of an attempt an irony.  “Beware of the Cat” came to mind but that’s just weak.

“No Salesmen” is just ineffective.  “No Irish” is just rude, plus I was born there so I’d be banning myself, which sort of defeats the object.  “No Jehovah’s Witnesses” might be fun but sometimes I do like to engage them in conversation, just not at 7am on a Sunday morning when I haven’t had my fix of coffee.

I think I’ll just go for bemusing:

“No Ratcatchers”

What do you think?




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11 responses to “Sign for the gate

  1. But don’t you occasionally have to catch your rats?

    We don’t have a gate so I have to settle for the front window. Mine’s a “no preaching” placard. Very stylish. Keeps the neighbors away, but not the evangelists.

    Come to think of it, the “No Ratcatchers” might have the same effect…

  2. It’s amusingly odd. I like it.

    I’m working up to buying a sign that says ‘Children will be boiled and eaten’. 🙂

  3. I’m getting a sign saying “no gekko” … 😦

  4. Snarly

    Remember when we were talking about the new house before we move and we were suddenly going on and on about wierd signs. We were thinking about ‘If your close anough to read this your doomed!’

  5. heather – no preaching?? i like it!! how nifty

    awww look at the rats xx

  6. I like it.

    A friend of mind has a sign saying, no sales people, no canvassers, no uninvited guests and that trespassers are likely to be either shot or mauled by his dogs!

  7. How about just “No”.

    Just a thought….

  8. drunkenspaniel – thats the one!

  9. Mas

    (see this field, it is mine)
    (with the exception of those who
    are already overinflated and pompous
    and will simply be ignored)
    (or monopoly if you cannot get a clue!)
    (but we won’t because we don’t like you either)

  10. Fabulous

    I love the sign that i have seen that says – Forget the Dog beware of the children. lol

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