Eurovision or Doctor Who?

I mean, honestly.


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18 responses to “Eurovision or Doctor Who?

  1. Chippy

    Neither, EV has got too political and DW to many bloody repeats…
    P.S. snowdrop gave me yer facebook name so when I find it I’ll add you….

  2. Jason

    Sadly we didn’t get much of a choice on Saturday! 😦

    Eurovision was… as expected! (I had the sound turned off!)

    Dr Who .. was missed!

  3. Can we have a third option of jabbing yourself in the eye with a sharp stick?

  4. Well, I’m sure you know where I stand on this one!

  5. Tender, you taped both didn’t you?

  6. Alas, a plague on both their houses… if I had to choose one or suffer death then I guess it would be Dr Who…

  7. Kick the TV in and cut off your nose to spite your face. If you can’t watch Dr Who, they can’t watch Eurocrap. (You could always try the BBC iPlayer for your Dr Who fix)

  8. Hover, The Doctor wasn’t on on Saturday night because of the bloody Eurovision. The latter I boycotted in defiance!

  9. Yes, I know. It wasn’t an either/or question but a why, oh why question. I know you couldn’t tape both. Only one was on and you’d need two recording devices anyway.

  10. Ah, sorry! I’ve had a long, bad, and frustrating day!

  11. I’ve lost my Dr Who faith – a little like losing my Roman Catholicism prior to losing all religious inclinations.

    For us it was Eurovision with a bottle of bubbly and a litre of OJ – slightly pickled, that’s the only way to watch it. 🙂

  12. Jason

    Hmm, Brennig = Sir Wogan? I wonder…

    Naah, Mr Wogan was more than slightly pickled! 🙂

    Not that I watched it to know these things, you understand!!

  13. I’m be very surprised if Terry wasn’t hammered. It’s the only way he can get through it, I think.

  14. DR WHO IS MINE! (er, that was for Tender)

  15. I am going to Beat. Your. Head.

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