Cookies Haiku

I have made cookies
There are not many left now
We have eaten them.


Filed under Reasons to be cheerful

5 responses to “Cookies Haiku

  1. Jason

    The Royal “we” ? 🙂

  2. No, not the Royal we, Mr. Sarcastic. I did eat some of them but not all of them. OK, I ate most of them. Stop looking at me like that. They were yummy.

  3. Is this a picture of you then?

  4. Haiku Comment*:

    The eaten cookieness
    is made hidden under
    the regretful folds of a naughty stomach.

    * Any resemblance to a real Haiku is purely accidental.

  5. I take small pleasures
    In laughing
    At your cookie inspired haiku

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