TieI wore one of my red ties yesterday.  Today I’m going back to the green one rather than opting for black, brown or blue.

I think it only proper.

Gentlemen, what tie will you be wearing today?  Ladies, what hat will you be wearing today?  I ask about hats because we gents will obviously be wearing our bowlers as we travel into The City to work.  That really should go without saying.

Must dash, I don’t want to miss the steam engine to Basingstoke.


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9 responses to “Tie

  1. concertmaster

    This evening I shall be wearing a dinner suit and black tie. Even though I normally dress like this for supper, this evening is a concert. Splendid.

  2. Jason

    It’s Friday, so unless I’m meeting customers or doing something ultra-managerial I don’t have to wear my suit and tie today!

    I know, I know, I’m a scruff!

  3. I’ve been a scruff in jeans and tees all week so I am smartening up a bit today. Black trousers and red v neck… with converse trainers.

  4. Today I am wearing wellies, old jeans with many holes held up by bailer twine. The jeans, not the holes. XXL-sized T-shirt (with ‘UMRA, an everyday story of internet folk’ writ large on the front).

  5. today i am wearing a red and white stripey bikini

  6. Dom

    Work? Tie? You’ve lost me 🙂

  7. Don’t wear hats inside work – but do wear them if travelling to work in the sunshine. I have a choce. Blue with timy flowers or pink. Hmmm. Pink I think.

  8. Has Basingstoke done with you? And have you cut a new sartorial dash through the town?

  9. I can’t think of the last time I wore a tie. I know I’ve got one somewhere.

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