I’m off to Basingstoke for three days on a course.

Basingstoke has more CCTV cameras per person than the biggest city in the US.

At least 250 CCTV cameras – one for every 625 residents – monitor daily life in Basingstoke.  New York, with a population of 8m, had an estimated 6,000 cameras in 2002 – one for every 1,333 residents.

If I’m going to be seen then I may as well look good.  I shall wear the green tie today methinks.


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6 responses to “Amazingstoke

  1. Hurrah for Amazingstoke. Er.

    Pose darling.

  2. HA! In BASINGSTOKE?! Nothing ever happens there!

  3. All I can tell you about Basingstoke, is that the train station is non descript. Hopefully the green tie will brighten the whole place up!

  4. Mas

    Apparently, all the CCTV is a bit useless as most of the time the police/council don’t have people who are able to sit around watching them (or the recordings)…

    …although that could be just Radio 4 scaremongering.

    Green tie? Looking good?
    Now if only they had online CCTV – we could all follow your movements and stalk from a distance 🙂

  5. Following on from Mas’s comment… CCTV is also pretty pointless in a town that just empties at 7.30am as everyone travels up to London… Maybe night time crime is rife because the population comes back at 7pm?

  6. I’ve been to Basingstoke. There was nothing there….

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