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Huh? OK, what are yours today?


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12 responses to “Top Searches

  1. A quick fiddle and… of the last 100 search engine-induced landings in the previous 24 hours, the top five were (in reverse order):

    5. sixties distinctive in their own right [4]
    4. a103 tma08 [9]
    3. tma02 [14]
    2. andrew nicholson [18]

    1. dogging [23]

  2. A selection from the past few days –

    “buena vista social club tour 2008”
    “boycott olympic”
    “dogging for beginners”
    “how to kill someone quietly and quickly”
    “quatering humans” (sic)

    The last three have somewhat freaked me out 🙂

  3. That’s just strange. Dogging? What have you been up to?

  4. Mas

    looking right now I have

    bunnies, eotw WordPress, crazy stuff

    the middle one – “eotw wordpress” – that’s a bit freaky; I wonder if someone’s stalking me? Am I infamous enough to have my own stalker?

    (looking down the list – I see that the list is full of lyrics (which makes sense) but at the very end we have “playboy bunnies” … (on my “more serious” blog – the top 3 are “how to install jk-1.2.26, isapi filters status unknown jakarta, jdk-6u6-linux-i586.bin ” how boring!)


  5. Mas

    Laughs – no dogging to talk about 🙂 but then, even if there was, I’m hardly someone to go on about _those sort_ of exploits! 😛

    Catch you later
    (now… feline-ing … that’s a different kettle of fish!)


  6. Dom

    I have, in no particular order:

    other words for random person
    butt plugs
    low grade temperature and always tired
    most random stuff
    is 30 lengths in the pool good for you

  7. I posted some months ago about my neighbour’s dog barking when left unattended and tagged it ‘dogging’.

    Apparently the word has a different meaning to the one I’d intended. Strange…

  8. daffy

    Mas you don’t have a stalker… I think it was me. (Or I am your stalker?)
    I wasn’t logged in and was just checking your movements… erm I mean , seeing how you were.
    Frogman! Hi!
    I have Approaching 40 (stalker?)
    Soaking feet – Worrying…
    and Mermaids.

  9. Mas

    laughs -gives daffy a “hmm, so you’re my stalker” look, then a smile- well, I couldn’t wish for a better stalker…

    (wondering who your stalker might be…it’s not me… my fingers can type your blog address quicker than you can say “ooh, google is good for searching and finding things; let’s have a look there”) 🙂


  10. purplephreak

    Orange juice
    Floaty dresses
    memories of the weekend 🙂

  11. introverted leos .. because obviously I am (not) ??
    mindless .. definitely because I obviously am!!
    march 12 – er, absolutely no idea!

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