Time waster


Some of my time wasting has produced the following masterpieces:

The Isle of Wight

Fail digger

Red Sea



Duct Tape Bandit

Thanks to Hemant for this.


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9 responses to “Time waster

  1. tam

    VERY funny!

    Po Butterfly!

  2. Funny, I thought the same thing as tam 🙂

  3. Frog – am I right?
    The Red Sea picture is in fact the Maldon Mud Race?

  4. Tam and Bill, are you going to make your own piccies? With no swearing…

    Span, yup. Insanity at it’s best. For charity of course.

  5. Fabulous

    haha. Aw that poor flutterby.

  6. tam

    we can’t swear?


  7. Nope, no swearing. It’s in the rules somewhere. Only the big bad frog is allowed to swear.

  8. I know the Maldon Mudrace well. Been on First Aid duty there a few times…

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